LE CHAI D’ALESS – unique experiences in the world of wine!

Wine tasting

Le Chai d’Aless was founded with one ambition: to create wine events that reflect my passion for nature, the art of living and sharing.

After working for seven years in the event industry and two years as a communications manager, I decided to put my experience and love for the world of wine at the service of this new company.

Le Chai d’Aless is therefore specialised in organising wine events for individuals and professionals.
I believe that wine is a great tool to bring us together, explore regions, and learn more about environmental issues.

So I offer a wide range of events, from wine tastings to wine tours to wine walks on the Seine. I can also organise tailor-made experiences for corporate events, birthday parties, people living abroad who want to discover French wine regions and wines.

I am proud to work with passionate and committed local partners, who produce wines that are environmentally friendly and rooted in the terroir.

I hope you will join me in discovering the wonders of the wine world, meeting passionate winemakers and learning more about the richness and diversity of our wine regions.

Alexandra Guillemin

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